1.       General Information

The site www.nstnastasia.com owned and managed by the company A CHALIOTIS. DIONYSIOS & SIA EE based Glafkou 16 175 64 II. Faliro, Athens, Greece. TIN of the company is 998 050 558. The company registration number is 87273802000.

For information please contact:

Τηλ. 30 210 9480081, 30 210 9480082, 30 210 9480083

Fax. 30 210 9480080

Email: [email protected]


The Terms of Use and Transaction defining the rights and obligations of Nst Nastasia and the client.

Nst Nastasia has any right to contact the client until the order is completed.

The Terms of Use and the Transaction, the order form and order confirmation constitute the sale contract between the Nst Nastasia and www.nstnastasia.com customer for the sale of products that the customer has ordered.

Nst Nastasia reserve the right to change the Terms of Use and Transaction.

The customer acknowledges, before placing the order, that he has read and agreed with all the information mentioned herein and accepts the current version of the Terms of Use and Dealing only with the order and transaction from www.nstnastasia.com .


The terms and phrases beginning with a capital letter in this document have the following meaning:

  • "Terms and transaction 'referred to in this document, which describes the terms of use and the transaction between the customer and Nst Nastasia.
  • "Site" refers to the web page www.nstnastasia.com
  • "Product" refers to the products that are available for sale on the website
  • "Client" refers to an adult individual who uses the site to obtain one or more product (s) for personal use and has accepted the Terms of Use and Transaction
  • "Order" shall appear on the Customer sales order for one or more products
  • "Groups" refers to Customer and Nst Nastasia

3.       PURPOSE

The purpose of these Terms of Transaction is to define the rights and obligations of the groups within the general framework of the online sale of Products offered through the online store of Nst Nastasia.

The customer acknowledges, before placing his order that he has read and agreed with all the information referred to in these Terms of Use, and Transaction. Also, the Customer declares that he has the legal right to enter into this Agreement.


Each visitor, user or customer of the www.nstnastasia.com agrees to use this site in accordance with the law, which means that it will not use the website to publish content illegal or inappropriate in any way.


The Customer is entitled to execute transactions through the site if:

He is over 18 years old.

Supplement the personal information required.

Confirm that the personal information is completed is accurate and true.


It is not necessary for the customer to create account to www.nstnastasia.com to execute a purchase.

The customer can create an account by filling out a form. Customer represents that all personal information you give is complete and correct. Misleading or libelous information may lead to the immediate closure of the customer's account and cancel all Orders from Nst Nastasia.

By creating an account of the Client will choose a username and a password. The Customer must ensure that they will not disclose the user name and password ever.

The Customer's account is only available for the same Customer using the username and password.

The customer has right to change or delete his pesonal data, and unsubscribe from newsletters. For this actions please contact Mr. Chaliotis Dionysis via email at  [email protected].

Customer is responsible for all actions taken in  www.nstnastasia.com in the user name and password. Every user who has entered the site, will be responsible for any Order that is loaded during connected with the user name and password.


To place an order, the Customer must add the products of his choice, the quantity desired, basket. Shipping costs are calculated on an entire order.

When one puts items in the cart does not keep them than to buy another Client.

While navigating the Customer in  www.nstnastasia.com can add a product to the cart by clicking the 'buy' button. At any time up to the confirmation of the order, the customer can change his mind and change the quantity or remove one or more selected items.

Once the customer completes the markets will be asked to proceed to the "checkout", ie the completion and confirmation of the order, or as a "visitor" as "registered user". In any case, the Customer will be required to provide information on the Billing Address, the Address Mission Mode and Mission Mode of Payment.

The placement of the order is only completed after the selection and confirmation of the above. Through placing the order, the Customer expresses his intention to buy the product (s) that are in the basket, which he has chosen. The Client will be automatically transferred to a payment page alphabank, under the safety conditions and the bank's responsibility (http://www.alpha.gr/page/). All orders are confirmed by the Nst Nastasia. The sale contract is completed once Nst Nastasia accept them the Order of the Customer and confirmed via e-mail. The e-mail functions as confirmation - receipt of the Order. Upon completion of the Order, the Client receives a unique ordering number, which can be used to communicate with Nst Nastasia for any information in respect of the Order. The e-mail with the confirmation of the Order includes all elements of order (such as the list of products that the customer has ordered, prices, shipping costs, etc.)

When all tests have completed (availability, bank check, etc.) And the product is ready to be sent, the Customer will be charged the same amount and will be notified via e-mail.

The Client has the right to request access to all personal data you hold and use Nst Nastasia for the Customer. The Client has the right to ask to correct any inaccuracies Nst Nastasia free.

Nst Nastasia is not responsible for wrong information given by the same Customer. All product return costs borne by the Client.


8.       RATES

All prices on www.nstnastasia.com are in Euro and apply to all countries. Prices include Value Added Tax (VAT) of 24%. Should VAT change before the acceptance / confirmation of the Order, the new rate will be applied. If the customer's card is not charged in Euro, but in another currency will be charged in the currency of his account, the current exchange rate selected by the Bank from ordinary sources, according converted from the EURO (€) to another currency.

The Nst Nastasia reserve the right to update / upgrade Product Prices at any time without prior notice. The price applicable to the Order will be notified to the Order before payment.

Nst Nastasia have the discretion to proceed with exclusive offers.

If the Customer is outside the European Union, additional taxes, fees or obligations may be imposed (eg import taxes, etc.). These charges are not included in product prices and are charged to the Customer. The Customer is also solely responsible for all procedural. Also, the Customer must check if the product of the order can be legally imported into the country of delivery.

Shipping costs for orders below € 50 is not included in the prices listed in www.nstnastasia.com and counted in the total amount of the order at checkout.

If a product has the wrong value and this is either a typo or error information from the product supplier, and Nst Nastasia accept an order before the error is detected, the Nst Nastasia will contact the Customer to ask if the available to pay the right price for the product (s) you have ordered. If the customer refuses to pay the right price, the Nst Nastasia maintain the right to cancel the order immediately and to consider the contract null and void, without their responsibility.


Orders in Greece distributed by courier companies such as Speedex or normal transport companies. Shipping costs for orders below € 50 are charged to the customer, and automatically calculated during the order process and are as follows:

Order 0-50 Euro:

Shipping costs 5 Euro

Order 51 and over:

Shipping costs 0 Euro



The Customer undertakes to pay the total value of the Products and the shipping cost according to  www.nstnastasia.com and also to pay for customs clearance costs, VAT or any other taxes due to the importation of the Products in the country of delivery.

Payments are made by one of the following ways:

  • *Billing Credit / Debit Card Customer. The Nst Nastasia accept Visa, Mastercard, Diners, Pre-paid cards. H exclusive partner bank of Nst Nastasia is Alphabank and secure system of online transactions. In the online charging process of the Customer card o Customer leaves the website of the Nst Nastasia and enters a secure website of Alphabank, which complements the data of the card, in the Bank's shield. Upon successful completion of this process, the Customer driven back to www.nstnastasia.com. The Nst Nastasia at any stage of this process are not informed of the details of the Customer card. The provider of the card may attempt screened to confirm the identity of the person who places the Order. If a provider refuses or does not approve the payment, the Nst Nastasia not bear a responsibility for any delay or even non-delivery of the order.
  • Bank deposit. Customer may proceed with paying a deposit in one of the accounts of Nst Nastasia, a bank branch or via e-banking. It is essential the Customer to make his name on the proof of payment.


Alpha Bank

Account number


account holder

Nst Nastasia





To return the products subject to the presentation of the goods receipt. The return, replacement should take place within 14 days from the date of receipt. You can return to replace or to receive credit for the goods in accordance with its legislation. In case of withdrawl you must fill the withdrawl document, you can download it here, and you must send it to us by email within the time limit of 14 calendar days from the date of the receipt. In case of withdrawl the customer must pay the shipment costs. The products must not have been worn / damaged and not washed. The products must be returned with the original packaging. The lingeries cannot be returned for hygiene reasons. Custom made products cannot be returned.

For each dispute, the courts of Athens are competent.

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